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Natural High

14 Nov

Even though it’s the middle of November, it was remarkably sunny and warm yesterday and the perfect day (maybe the last ’til Spring?) for a picnic and nature walks through the New York Botanical Garden and City Island, both in the Bronx. City Island has the vibe of a quaint and sleepy New England fishing village. It gave me such a good feeling  to watch the sun set over the water with a few of my closest friends.

This was my first time spending a significant amount of time in the Bronx, and I am looking forward to going back. Maybe next time to the zoo!


An Autumnal Walk

17 Oct

Today I went for a walk down the road and up the nature reserve and on to Finsbury Park. It was a nice day and I must admit that Autumn is easily my favourite season. I just love that golden sunlight and the mood in the air. And I especially love it when the sky turns pink and I hear Nathan Fake’s The Sky Was Pink in my head.