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Paper Pets

5 Jan

I missed the quirky installation by Akane Takayama last year. Dog Sculpture moved from one park to another in London and I didn’t catch a single one of them. Luckily for me, Chikako who works as our Visual Merchandiser contacted Akane as she had an idea for our Christmas window display. She wanted to make cardboard reindeer! And now that Christmas is over, I am taking home one of our acorn cup print reindeer (christened him Mr Humphrey)! Soon I too, can take my paper pet out to pubs and for walkabouts!

You, too can make yourself a Mr Humphrey or a Gerald. He is the product of the collaboration between Richard Sweeney and Lazerian. This is him at a photo shoot:

Gerald is also available in other coats such as the one below here:

Paper pets. The commitment-free substitute to having real pets.


City Mapcuts

29 Dec

I’m really digging these hand-cut paper maps of cities by Charlotte, North Carolina-based artist Karen O’Leary. Karen says of her work, “”I love the idea of a completely familiar object made new and even more beautiful.”

Here’s a map for Audrey to use when she comes to visit me in New York.

And here’s one for me to use when I visit her in London.

We definitely won’t find our way around using these maps, but hey, that’s not the point.

Hoxton Street Monster Supplies

27 Nov

We went to check out the Hoxton Street Monster Supplies, Purveyor of Quality Goods for Monsters of Every Kind today. The shop front is designed to attract kids and adults with its curiousities like Old Fashioned Brain Jam, Organ Marmalade, Freshly Extracted Nails, Pickled Eyeballs and Maiden’s Hair. The sort of shop you would go to pick up ingredients for Roald Dahl’s Revolting Recipes. Different kinds of Tinned Fears area also available to buy (housing short stories commissioned by the likes of Zadie Smith and Nick Hornby, etc). Behind some shelves is a hidden entrance to the Ministry of Stories where writing workshops are held for children and young adults. Literary- a tempting treat! I just wish I was young enough to sit in one of the workshops! What fun!


Hornsey Road Baths

7 Nov

Just around the corner from my flat, on Hornsey Road is a sign from the past. The baths are now long gone, the building converted into flats. I have been trying to take a photo of this sign but found the image above on Flickr.