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Train Journey in Fall

25 Oct

I was visiting my family in lovely Western Massachusetts this weekend. The leaves were at their peak of vibrant color and the air was that perfect temperature where you can wear a sweater and a woolly hat but no coat. The train journey back to New York was a soft and fuzzy blur of colors- it was so pretty and I was so content that my heart felt like melting.


An Autumnal Walk

17 Oct

Today I went for a walk down the road and up the nature reserve and on to Finsbury Park. It was a nice day and I must admit that Autumn is easily my favourite season. I just love that golden sunlight and the mood in the air. And I especially love it when the sky turns pink and I hear Nathan Fake’s The Sky Was Pink in my head.



For Epic Nights

13 Oct

An epic track for the long nights. This is pretty mega.

Wear It

11 Oct

Fall is my favourite season. I love how the leaves carpet the ground and the sun shines golden light on all things. Tatty Devine’s new collection this Autumn is inspired by this. I like this Fallen Leaves Triple Necklace. If you like it, why not wear it?