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Ice Cream Dream Come True

17 Dec

As you may recall in my previous post The Sweet Life, I would just about die if I had a piece of furniture in the shape of candy or dessert. That’s why I was ECSTATIC when I received this Ice Cream Cone Lamp the other night from my friend Amie. She knows me so well 🙂 


Light Equation

4 Nov


Ryoji Ikeda is an experimental audiovisual sound artist interested in mathematical equations. His installations are focused on frequencies and he is fascinated by data, light and sound. He uses mathematical methods to produce his wonderful works. I like what he is doing.


Scattered Light

1 Nov

Visual atist Jim Campbell’s newest installation “Scattered Light” is a massive structure supporting over 1,600 lightbulbs fitted with LEDs, which are programmed to display an image. Up close the image displayed looks like a series of oscillating bulbs, but when you move further back the image comes into focus. The installation opened last week in Madison Square Park, NYC, and will be on display until February 2011.