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Tropical Bloom

28 Apr

Bunga kantan (or torch ginger bud- named so because it looks like a flaming torch)  is a vital ingredient in Malaysian cooking. A tropical flower that grows wild in South East Asia, this pretty bud packs a punch in flavour and scent! In full bloom, it makes an excellent flower. The petals from the flower can also be added to a Thai condiment, nam prik and eaten raw.

Bunga kantan adds floral notes to some of my favourite dishes. I have yet to find this ingredient in the Asian grocery shops in Chinatown and as such have never tried making Asam Fish or Asam Laksa. These dishes somehow seem incomplete without the scent and fragrance imparted by this beautiful bud. Look at just how beautiful it is! Just look at the colour!



18 Dec

December is for bakin’ and boozin’ and nothing is more Christmassy than some gingerbreadmen or gingerbreadmoose in my case. Katrina bought me this cookie cutter from Sweden and I used the recipe from the Hummingbird  Bakery Cookbook which is possibly the best gingerbreadmen recipe I’ve ever tried.

Your 5 A Day

30 Nov

Vegetables, lots of them. I crave my greens when I’ve not had them. Mmm green beans, curly kale, broccoli! Yum!

Green beans steamed or boiled with salt and butter. Curly kale is good boiled and tossed with sesame seeds and lemon juice. My favourite broccoli is great parboiled and sauteed with chopped garlic, chilli, chopped nuts or seeds and seasoning.