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Signs of Spring

21 Apr

On my Spring Break this week in Western MA, and while it doesn’t feel especially springy yet (too goddamn cold and windy!), the flowers are cheerfully and relentlessly blooming, seemingly oblivious to the chill.

They give me hope!


Paper Animals, Take 3

8 Apr

Liam alerted me to these fantastic animal sculptures I just had to share. Anna-Wili Highfield, a Sydney based artist, makes these wonders out of archival cotton paper that is painted and then sewn together. She also makes animals out of copper pipe.

And this guy’s for my friend Chris, who is half man/half panda ūüôā

Ok, that was the last of the paper pets, I promise! On to a new theme!

Pop It Up, NYC!

5 Apr

I came across Daisy Lew‘s design portfolio today and was immediately drawn to her pop-up series of New York City icons.

I have a crazy mad love for pop-up books. My roommate has a How-To book in the bookshelf for making your own pop-up…one of these days I’m going take a serious crack at it. I swear.

Book Surgery

22 Mar

I’m totally blown away by these intricately beautiful works by Brian Dettmer, a Chicago-born, Atlanta-based artist. Using knives, tweezers and surgical tools, he dissects one page at a time, not relocating or implanting anything from inside the out-of-date encyclopedias, medical journals, illustration books, and dictionaries, only removing pieces.

“My work is a collaboration with the existing material and its past creators and the completed pieces expose new relationships of the book‚Äôs internal elements exactly where they have been since their original conception,” Dettmer explains.

Paper Pygmys

15 Mar

Reminiscent of Audrey’s paper pets, I recently came across these recycled paper pygmy owls created by artist Courtney Cerruti. She describes her owls as such: “Unlike other animals that use camouflage to blend into their environment, this species of owl (the Glaucidium Crypsis) has the unique capability to change its ¬†appearance to that of its artificial surroundings.”

I also like artist Aimee Baldwin‘s Northern Saw Whet Owl, whose body is made of paper clay and foam and whose feathers are made of hand-cut crepe paper.

For everyone who likes the idea of animals as room decor, but aren’t into murder, these birds are for you!

Dress Me Up In Paper

23 Jan

I’d never have to worry about getting lost again if I was wearing a lovely dress made of maps!

Elisabeth Lecourt is the woman behind these brilliant paper creations. She is a French artist who lives and works in London. These dresses aren’t actually designed to be worn, but I can dream…

Wallpaper of the Future

4 Jan

Over the extended holiday weekend I went to the National Design Triennial at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum. The exhibit displays innovative design prototypes addressing a multitude of human and environmental problems. I saw some very inspiring creations; wall-coverings from a New York-based company, Trove, stood out. 

Apparently in the current wallcoverings market, environmentally friendly examples are seriously lacking, and most papers are made with poisonous inks and vinyls. Trove’s products are recyclable, use nontoxic and archival inks, and have a wax-based coating that is washable and durable. All papers are printed to the specific wall height to eliminate waste. I love how the beautiful and delicate designs incorporate natural elements such as birds, butterflies, trees, flowers, jellyfish, and ocean waves. I want!