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Steel Drums and Falling Blossoms

25 Apr

I watched The Taste of Tea (one of my favourite films) again yesterday and something about this beautiful track made me think of blossoms falling gently to the ground. Kuala Lumpur may be tropical but this track is also perfect for the stillness after a thunderstorm.


Forbidden Flowers

11 Apr

I am stunned by the power of nature, the vastness of the damage and the feebleness of humanity. I urge us, everyone, to take this as a moment to recognise our arrogance in thinking that we can control nature.” Ryuichi Sakamoto.

With Spring in full bloom, and now being the time for hanami, I can’t help but think about the people of Japan. With his words to ponder upon, here’s that beautiful track from Ryuichi Sakamoto.

This one is for the trips we didn’t make this year.

Rice and Peas and Chicken is Nice

6 Dec

Mmm, we had a Caribbean takeaway on Saturday fromThe Humming Bird restaurant on Stroud Green Road before heading out to see Tanlines at XOYO. I love jerk chicken and rice and peas. It was really nice and comforting on a cold winter’s night. I thought of this track that Bren used to play all the time. Brings a smile to the face because it’s true, rice and peas and chicken is nice.

Your 5 A Day

30 Nov

Vegetables, lots of them. I crave my greens when I’ve not had them. Mmm green beans, curly kale, broccoli! Yum!

Green beans steamed or boiled with salt and butter. Curly kale is good boiled and tossed with sesame seeds and lemon juice. My favourite broccoli is great parboiled and sauteed with chopped garlic, chilli, chopped nuts or seeds and seasoning.

The Jelly On My Bread

23 Nov

Parra is an illustrator with a sense of humour. Le Le is his musical side project and Breakfast, with its flashy illustrations is my Tempting Treat of the day.

Something Stirring in Space

19 Nov

There’s something stirring in space! Scientists discovered an alien planet in the Milky Way yesterday, the first one to ever come to our galaxy from another one. The planet is named HIP 13044 b  in the constellation Fornax, some 2,000 light-years away.

When I learned this news I was instantly reminded of a song I love, Something Stirring in Space by Glass Candy.

Messages From The Stars

19 Nov

This has been playing on repeat. Seriously uplifting track with sugary vocals that make you want to sing along and click your fingers. Pure magic.