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Paper Animals, Take 3

8 Apr

Liam alerted me to these fantastic animal sculptures I just had to share. Anna-Wili Highfield, a Sydney based artist, makes these wonders out of archival cotton paper that is painted and then sewn together. She also makes animals out of copper pipe.

And this guy’s for my friend Chris, who is half man/half panda 🙂

Ok, that was the last of the paper pets, I promise! On to a new theme!


City Mapcuts

29 Dec

I’m really digging these hand-cut paper maps of cities by Charlotte, North Carolina-based artist Karen O’Leary. Karen says of her work, “”I love the idea of a completely familiar object made new and even more beautiful.”

Here’s a map for Audrey to use when she comes to visit me in New York.

And here’s one for me to use when I visit her in London.

We definitely won’t find our way around using these maps, but hey, that’s not the point.

No Pain In This Tattoo

20 Dec

I am loving Jacob Dahlstrup Jensen‘s paper tattoo. This beautiful piece of art is the product of using tattoo needles on paper. Permanent in the right way, and without the pain of getting one on your own skin.