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More Eerie Edibles

26 Oct

After reading Audrey’s post “Creepy Cocktails and Other Goulish Delights” last week, I got inspired to throw a Haunted Brunch this coming Sunday, October 31st – Halloween Day. In addition to the recipes Miss Q suggested, I’m thinking about serving these 3 scary snacks as well (even though I don’t think anyone will touch the meat head with a 10-foot pole).





Scary Shower

25 Oct

Love this Cotton Ghost Bath Towel, available from Couverture. Halloween can be everyday after a shower. This towel could also be a way to combat any fears of scary shower scenes!

Creepy Cocktails and Other Ghoulish Delights

21 Oct

Following Sarah’s post about Suspiria, I thought about a Halloween film marathon night I had a couple of years back. We had a bit of a party and offered some ghoulish treats. It was not of this calibre and I am gutted I did not have these recipes back then. For this reason, I am keen to host a  horrorfest this year and serve these creepy canapes and cocktails! Vi@ Apartment Therapy.

Spooky Sweets

17 Oct

I was taking a stroll through my neighborhood this afternoon and glimpsed this jack o’ lantern lollipop and this ghost lollipop in the shop window of Papabubble. If there’s one thing I like, it’s candy, and if there’s another thing I like, it’s Halloween, so I was pretty happy to find these creepy but cute treats.

I walked into the shop, helped myself to a few samples, and watched the candy makers expertly stretch and roll the  gooey, flexible taffy into long strips and conical shapes.

I couldn’t help but feel slightly jealous of these candy magicians. Just being around candy makes me happy, imagine if I could make such handsome creations? My heart would sing with sweet delicious joy.