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A few Post-Its from São Paulo

24 Mar

Spotted while on my retail tour of São Paulo was the shop front of Galeria Melissa, home of the famous Brazilian rubber shoes. This super-cool installation was made entirely of post-it notes! This fluorescent display put a smile on many faces and if inclined to write on the post-its, customers are welcome to leave a note or reminder to self.


Something Stirring in Space

19 Nov

There’s something stirring in space! Scientists discovered an alien planet in the Milky Way yesterday, the first one to ever come to our galaxy from another one. The planet is named HIP 13044 b  in the constellation Fornax, some 2,000 light-years away.

When I learned this news I was instantly reminded of a song I love, Something Stirring in Space by Glass Candy.

Messages From The Stars

19 Nov

This has been playing on repeat. Seriously uplifting track with sugary vocals that make you want to sing along and click your fingers. Pure magic.


18 Nov

Talk about bright light. Chris McCaw’s incredible photos track the sun’s movement across the sky with superlong exposures (between 2 and 8 hours). Because the sun is so intensely focused for such a long amount of time, an effect called solarization occurs. In other words, the negative literally burns, leaving striking marks across the images.


17 Nov

One of my favourite installations at LABoral is Carsten Höller’s Y. Made with 960 lightbulbs it draws you into the installation. As you walk through Y, the lights flicker at different speeds creating a little bit of a play with the perspective of time. This combined with the mirrors create multiple reflections, making this installation a real experience.

Bye Bye Rainbow

15 Nov

The New Museum is a few blocks from my apartment and ever since I’ve been living in New York the building’s facade has boasted Ugo Rondinone’s luminous and happy rainbow spelling out the enthusiastic words “Hell, Yes!”

Today I was saddened to see that this sculpture was replaced by a 30-foot steel and lacquer Rose sculpture by Isa Genzken (worth a million dollars!). Change is good though, I guess. And I have always had a fondness for over-sized objects… Maybe I can learn to love it.

Beacon for the Sweet-Toothed

15 Nov

Obviously I thought of Sarah when I spotted this beaut of a neon sign shining like a beacon for the sweet-toothed. Spain is filled with tuck shops on every corner selling all kinds of candy and frutos secos (my favourite!). Being on holiday with Guy has meant that we have been stopping at most of this shops for his favourite: strawberry laces and liquorice!