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Paper Pets

5 Jan

I missed the quirky installation by Akane Takayama last year. Dog Sculpture moved from one park to another in London and I didn’t catch a single one of them. Luckily for me, Chikako who works as our Visual Merchandiser contacted Akane as she had an idea for our Christmas window display. She wanted to make cardboard reindeer! And now that Christmas is over, I am taking home one of our acorn cup print reindeer (christened him Mr Humphrey)! Soon I too, can take my paper pet out to pubs and for walkabouts!

You, too can make yourself a Mr Humphrey or a Gerald. He is the product of the collaboration between Richard Sweeney and Lazerian. This is him at a photo shoot:

Gerald is also available in other coats such as the one below here:

Paper pets. The commitment-free substitute to having real pets.


No Pain In This Tattoo

20 Dec

I am loving Jacob Dahlstrup Jensen‘s paper tattoo. This beautiful piece of art is the product of using tattoo needles on paper. Permanent in the right way, and without the pain of getting one on your own skin.



17 Nov

One of my favourite installations at LABoral is Carsten Höller’s Y. Made with 960 lightbulbs it draws you into the installation. As you walk through Y, the lights flicker at different speeds creating a little bit of a play with the perspective of time. This combined with the mirrors create multiple reflections, making this installation a real experience.

Pasajes en Luz

12 Nov

LABoral is easily my favourite thing about Gijon. This contemporary art centre is nowhere near the city centre but worth the journey.

I was very lucky to be greeted by a light installation which is part of the fantastic Pasajes exhibition exploring physical and sensory aspects of space.

This here is an installation by Cerith Wyn Evans. Especially relevant because of my last post.

Blind Light

10 Nov

I love Yochai Matos‘ light installations, in particular the one that resemble blinds from the 80s like The Sunset. The Same Amount of Sunlight As We Receive on Earth, reminds me of Moon Play. Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty damn cool.

On a slightly different vein is I’m Not Gonna Live Forever. I like it. It’s bright.

Light Equation

4 Nov


Ryoji Ikeda is an experimental audiovisual sound artist interested in mathematical equations. His installations are focused on frequencies and he is fascinated by data, light and sound. He uses mathematical methods to produce his wonderful works. I like what he is doing.