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I ♥ Paper Dolls

15 Mar

I ♥ paper dolls, especially vintage paper dolls. Found a nice pool on Flickr.

I remember the paper dolls I played with as a little girl. I loved how dressing up was so simple- all you had to do was fold down the tabs and voila! A new outfit!

These 1960s paper dolls are great- they look groovy and they look like they are having too much fun and I am inspired to dress up like these paper dolls.




I also love the vintage Japanese ones. They sit somewhat incongruously with the 1960s ladies but, I love the look of them too much not to include them.



Hornsey Road Baths

7 Nov

Just around the corner from my flat, on Hornsey Road is a sign from the past. The baths are now long gone, the building converted into flats. I have been trying to take a photo of this sign but found the image above on Flickr.