Pomme Sucre

4 Dec

It has been approximately three weeks since we came back from holiday. The weather in Spain, although a little rainy towards the end of the holiday was mostly glorious, especially in Gijón and San Sebastian. Here in London, winter’s come prematurely this year and we have already had snow. Unfortunately, if it does settle, the snow quickly becomes ice. It is nothing like the image of the sugar on the panettone above.

We were in Gijón for Guy’s birthday. Now Gijón is not a very big town at all. We found that we were able to walk the sights in about a day. However Gijón was also the place of two of the biggest highlights of the holiday. LABoral contemporary art centre and also this wonderful pattiserie Pomme Sucre.

We had a birthday lunch of selected (slider-size) pintxo like bocadillos and some sweet treats that included a cup of delicious hot chocolate, petit fours and cake too! Everything we ate was made to feast the eyes as much as the stomach. If you ever find yourself in Gijón, Oviedo, Albacete or Madrid, make sure you stop by Pomme Sucre.




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